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HOCUT B 50 H is a classic boron amine, semi-synthetic, metalworking fluid forming a stable micro-emulsion based on high quality mineral oil and sophisticated surfactant package.

It is chlorine and phenol free with very good EHS profile. 


HOCUT B 50 H is recommended for general machining and grinding operations for cast iron and low to medium alloyed steels. It is suitable for using in both single sump machines and central systems. The versatile micro-emulsion is designed with excellent detergency and high wetting properties for a clean working environment.

HOCUT B 50 H is designed for medium to high hardness water.


Good separation of tramp oil — for ease of removal and longer emulsion life

Excellent bio-stability assures long sump life—reduce disposal cost/less down time/operator acceptance.

Good corrosion protection —provides fewer rejects and lower maintenance cost

Excellent machining performance—increases the tool life and improves surface finish.

Very low foaming — designed for high pressures and flow rates in medium to hard water

Recommended Use Concentration

Machining : 4%-7%

Grinding: 3%-5%

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