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Product description of Hocut 795B multi-purpose metalworking oil
Quaker Houghton Hocut 795B is a multi-purpose, high quality, chlorine-free metalworking oil with many outstanding advantages. The product is specifically used in metal processing, cleaning, lubricating, protecting and extending the life of tools, machinery, equipment, septic tanks, etc.

Here are some specific technical specifications of the product Quaker Houghton Hocut 795B:

Product name: Hocut 795B
Brand: Houghton 
Weight: 0.965/Carton
Packaging: Carton
Color: Amber
PH level (common): 8.8 - 9.0.
Applicable surface materials: Cast iron, steel, aluminum.

Outstanding features
Outstanding features of the product Quaker Houghton Hocut 795B:

Strong detergent, low oil content
Low foaming, effective lubrication.
Heavy duty, does not contain chlorine or disinfectants. 
Provides high tool and surface finish.
Compatible with hard water, biodegradable.
Excellent corrosion resistance, no yellowing.
Clean operation: High detergency keeps wheels and machine surfaces clean.
Guaranteed health, environmentally friendly.

Application of Quaker Houghton Hocut 795B 
Quaker Houghton Hocut 795B is commonly used as follows:

Metal processing brings high perfection
Special application for cooling system.
Cleans, disinfects, removes odors and prolongs the life of the septic tank. Suitable for both centralized systems or single vacuums.
Protect machinery, equipment and other spare parts.
Recommended use:

Medium-duty processing: 5% – 7%
Heavy processing: 6% – 10%
Heavy duty grinding: 5% – 10%

Improve productivity and extend the life of machinery and equipment.
Save costs on repairs and replacement of spare parts.
Limit the growth of microorganisms and harmful bacteria during use.
Optimize machine downtime.
Excellent corrosion resistance, helps protect parts and machinery.
Minimize waste treatment costs.
Removes heat, increasing tool and wheel life thanks to low oil content.

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