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HOCUT™ BCO PLUS is a newly developed water miscible biostable semi‐synthetic cutting fluid designed to give long sump life and effective cutting performance. The product is pleasant to use as it has a low odour and is transparent, thus giving good visibility of machining process.

HOCUT™ BCO PLUS is recommended for use at 5‐10% concentration for a wide variety of machining applications, including cutting, milling and drilling or both ferrous and non‐ferrous metals. Typical applications include cylindrical grinding of high speed steel, surface grinding of steel and high nickel alloys, and general light machining of cast iron, mild steel, carbon steel and aluminium.

Recommendation For Use
The recommended usage concentration of HOCUT™ BCO PLUS for Machining is from 20:1 (5%) to 10:1 (10%) and for Grinding is from 33:1 (3%) to 20:1 (5%).
This may be customised to suit inpidual needs or solutions, which may vary from time to time. Quaker Houghton strongly advises that you contact your Sales Representative to discuss before commencement of use. 

Health, Safety And Handling
Please consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for information on storage, safe handling and disposal.
The conditions or methods of handling, storage, use and disposal of the product are beyond our reasonable control - we assume no liability for any ineffectiveness of the product or any injury or damage, arising out of or in connection with these conditions.

Transparent appearance giving good workplace visibility
Exceptionally long sump life
Outstanding resistance to bacterial and fungal development
Excellent tramp oil rejection
Low maintenance and make up rates
Very low foaming tendency
Does not contain chlorine, phenols, nitrites, zinc and heavy metals.

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