Power Mini Shrink Chuck

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Thương hiệu: Haimer
Loại: Shrink Chuck

The Power Mini series of thermal grips are the perfect grips for 5-axis machining in the mold, electronics and medical device industries. Extremely thin at the top like the Mini grips, the Power Mini is firmly reinforced below. Therefore, processing will be extremely effective.

- Fine balanced at G2.5 25,000
- Heat-resistant steel material used for hot processing with hardness 54-2 HRC, good abrasion resistance
- Every surface is machined with the highest precision
- Maximum runout tolerance < 3 μm at 3 × D
- There are additional threaded holes for balance with balancing screws
- Use with high-speed steel or carbide knives with handle tolerance h6
- Available for clamp diameter sizes 3 - 16 mm
- 2 options: standard (wall thickness 3 mm) and extra slim (wall thickness 1.5 mm)
- 3° taper angle at the top.

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