Mini Shrink Chuck

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Thương hiệu: Haimer
Loại: Shrink Chuck

The Mini thermal clamp series is a thermal clamp series with a thin wall thickness design and a 3° taper angle that is very suitable for machining in the most difficult to reach locations.

- Fine balanced at G2.5 25,000
- Heat-resistant steel material used for hot processing with hardness 54-2 HRC, good abrasion resistance
- Every surface is machined with the highest precision
- Maximum runout tolerance < 3 μm at 3 × D
- Optimal hardness
- Optimum heating with Haimer heaters
- Use with high-speed steel or carbide knives with handle tolerance h6
- 2 options: standard (wall thickness 3 mm) and extra slim (wall thickness 1.5 mm)
- 3° taper angle, suitable for machining molds and machining hard-to-reach locations

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